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Grief and Pet Loss


Chris' note: I have removed the COVID-19 pages so that I can focus this site once again on grief, pet loss, and healing. Thank you for visiting.


You can still read relevant SARS-CoV-2 news and insights by clicking COVID-19 Updates.




Grief is...

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Euthanasia Decision

Saying Goodbye

My Euthanasia Stories



Pet Loss Anticipatory Grief


Pet Loss Grief

Pet Loss Grief and Anger

Pet Loss Grief and Closure

Pet Loss: Grief Takes No Holiday

Children and Pet Loss

After Loss:

Honor and Remember Your Pet

Phone and Online Support

Will I See My Pet Again?

After Death Communication

Adopting a New Pet After Loss

Pet Loss Sympathy | Helping Grievers

Self Care

Insomnia and Grief

Mindfulness and Grief

Is it Grief or Depression?

Music Is Good for You

Pet Care:

Lost or Stolen Pets: Safety Tips

Age of Your Pet in Human Years

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