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COVID-19 upended our lives and changed us forever. Whether it was the tragic death of a loved one, or the shutdown of activities that brought us joy, we all lost something. We want the pandemic to end but it is not over yet. The virus changes quickly and so will science. The information below is updated on a regular basis. I will be glad when the day arrives that I can delete the coronavirus topic.


 “A new idea is first condemned as ridiculous and then dismissed as trivial, until finally, it becomes what everybody knows.” ~William James 

Updated: October 19, 2021

A Note from Chris: As a former public health nurse, infectious diseases, I do my best to present accurate COVID-19 statistics, facts and related topics from sources that I trust, but I urge you to do your own research. Thank you for visiting. Be well.

8 tips for making sense of the daily flood of COVID-19 information:*

  1. Disengage from the emotion of the information.

  2. Check the source.

  3. Evaluate your own bias.

  4. Get the full context. 

  5. Do not assume public figures are always right.

  6. Avoid jumping on the latest COVID-19 study.

  7. Be wary of COVID-19 information on social media.

  8. Safeguard your mental health from the negative effects of COVID-19 overload.


What you can do:

  • Minimize watching, reading, or listening to news about COVID-19 that causes you to feel anxious or distressed.

  • Seek information only from trusted sources, so that you can take practical steps to protect yourself and loved ones.

  • Look for updates at specific times, but limit it to once or twice a day.

  • Disconnect from the sudden and near-constant stream of news reports.

  • Doomscrolling (or doomsurfing) is not helpful. Step away and take a break.

  • Explore ways to modify your device habits and improve your mood at

*Sources | Learning More:

On this page:


COVID-19 Stats and Facts


CDC: COVID-19 Cases and Deaths in the U.S.

Johns Hopkins: Worldwide Coronavirus Maps and Cases

The Basics:

5 Things Everyone Should Know About the Coronavirus Outbreak

Virus Variants: What Do You Need To Know Now?

5 Things To Know About the Delta Variant

Which COVID-19 Test Should You Use? The ins and outs of different COVID-19 tests

General COVID-19 Resources:

CDC Coronavirus Disease 2019

Yale Medicine: COVID-19 (Coronavirus Disease 2019)

Healthline Coronavirus Hub: Updates, Prevention Tips, and Resources on COVID-19

Breakthroughs | Herd Immunity:

COVID Breakthrough Infection: Can You Spread It to Others?

Herd Immunity: Will We Ever Get There? Endemic More Likely

COVID-19 and Children:

Am. Academy of Pediatrics: COVID-19: What Families Need to Know

Hopkins: Coronavirus in Babies and Kids: Symptoms and Prevention

COVID-19 and Medical Conditions:

Mayo Clinic: COVID-19: Who's at higher risk of serious symptoms?

Long Haul COVID:

Johns Hopkins Public Health: Young People and Long COVID


Help Guide: Long COVID: Symptoms and Help for COVID Long Haulers

Yale Medicine: Why Vaccines May Be Helping Some With Long COVID

Elder Care:

COVID-19 and Nursing Homes: An American Tragedy

Colds | Flu | Allergies:

Johns Hopkins: COVID-19 vs. the Flu

Are Colds and Flu Coming Back?

Winter is coming, again: What to expect from Covid-19 as the season looms

Seasonal Allergies Are Worse This Year: Is it an allergy or COVID-19?

COVID-19 Vaccine Updates

Contagion Live: The COVID Vaccine Race

(Vaccine news with regular updates)

Comparing the COVID-19 Vaccines: How Are They Different?

How Long Will Your Coronavirus Vaccination Last?

Will You Need a COVID-19 Booster? What We Know So Far

Vaccines Are Important—But What Are They and How Do They Work?

Lack of side effects after COVID-19 vaccination doesn't mean it isn't working

Children and Teens:

CDC: COVID-19 Vaccines for Children and Teens

Hopkins: COVID-19 Vaccine: What Parents Need to Know

COVID-19 Treatments

Harvard Health: Treatments for COVID-19: What helps, what doesn't, and what's in the pipeline

AMA Public Health: COVID-19 therapeutics: What the evidence shows

Yale Medicine: 9 Things You Need To Know About the New COVID-19 Pill


FDA: Why You Should Not Use Ivermectin to Treat or Prevent COVID-19


Stat News: Covid-19 overtakes 1918 Spanish flu as deadliest disease in American history

The Atlantic: You Might Want to Wait to Get a Booster Shot: No Simple Rules for Timing

COVID-19 Scam Alerts

FCC: Coronavirus Scams (Communications)

FDA: Fraudulent COVID-19 Products (Food and Drug)


FTC: Avoid Coronavirus Scams (Consumers)

HHS: Fraud Alert: COVID-19 Scams (Health)

Verywell Health: COVID Fraud Is on the Rise. Here's How to Spot a Scam

BBB: Looking for a job? Be careful! Job scams increased during pandemic

Pets | Pet Care | Pet Loss

Tips to Help Your Pets Adjust to Life After COVID

Animals Acquired During the Pandemic are Being Relished, Not Returned

Veterinary clinics unwind COVID-19 restrictions

Is veterinary curbside service here to stay?

ASPCA: Pet Parenting in Our New Normal

CDC: What You Need to Know If You Have Pets

How to Create a COVID-19 Pet Preparedness Plan

How to Adopt or Foster a Dog or Cat During COVID-19

Pet Loss and COVID-19: Euthanasia

Compassionate advice for anyone facing this difficult time.

On this site:

Pet Loss and Anticipatory Grief: Knowing the End Is Near

Saying Goodbye to Your Pet

Grieving the Death of Your Pet

Life After the Pandemic

McKinsey Report: When will the COVID-19 pandemic end?

Stat News: The stages of pandemic emotion: from horror, hope and rage to anxious optimism

Psychology Today: Pandemic Whiplash: Finding Resilience in Today's Chaos

McClean: How to Deal With Ongoing Stress Caused by Working From Home

10 Tips to Prevent Zoom Fatigue


Coping with Grief During COVID-19

Alan Wolfelt, Ph.D. This Pandemic of Grief

Five Myths About Grief You May Believe

On this site:

COVID-19 and Grief: The Lost Parts of Ourselves

Health | Mental Health


Harvard Health: Helpful Ways to Strengthen Your Immune System

The Nutrition Source: Nutrition and Immunity

Cleveland Clinic: Coronasomnia: Dealing with COVID Insomnia

Sleep Foundation: Sleep Guidelines During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Mental Health:

Help Guide: Coronavirus Help: Mental Health

Taking Your 'Mental Health' Temperature During COVID-19

Help Guide: Suicide Prevention: Plenty You Can Do to Help Save a Life

Why Did U.S. Suicides Decrease in 2020?

Travel | Holidays

COVID-19 and Safer Travel Ideas

Delta COVID Cases Are Rising: Can You Travel Safely Right Now?

CDC: COVID-19 and Holiday Celebrations

(Link redirects you to vaccine info)

CDC pulls holiday recommendations, 'will share additional guidance soon'  

On this site:

Pet Loss: Grief Takes No Holiday

Psychological Biases

What Is Cognitive Bias?

Biases Are Neither All Good nor All Bad

How to Avoid Cognitive Biases When Dealing With COVID-19

Wikipedia: The Normalcy Bias

For Musicians

Science News: What science tells us about reducing coronavirus spread from wind instruments

On the Lighter Side

COVID-19 Lyrics to the tune of Billy Joel's The Longest Time

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